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In working in a remote team, one must be all the collaboration tools in the market. Since the devices are one main thing which brings the break between the employee and the work. The primary reason behind implementing a collaboration tool and the working environment is to bring compatibility among the employees. Remote teams are already isolated from the client environment. So Collaboration is the much-needed factor between the clients and the employee, only then the expected output will be got through with more clarity and understanding. Here are the top most remote team collaboration tools which are on high demand.

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Agreedo is a productive meeting tool. Meetings are always supposed to eat our time, and most of the conference goes useless in major companies, this happens because of the less clarity. The team fails to plan a clear agenda and schedule it. Agreedo is the one useful tool which converts the idea into the list and then into meeting meets after the online session.

Decision made after the meeting usually converted into a task which trackable. These tasks assigned to the employees. If the work is left incomplete, then it is carried to the next meeting and ensures that the employee completes it. The participants can attend the meeting right from their PC or mobile. Agreedo supports in Windows, Mac, and iOS.


Wunderlist is the task management tool. Not like other tools, Wunderlist is entirely remote because of its ease in access. When you are managing a team then it necessary to track their task and so a proper follow-up. The Wunderlist is considered to be the best tool since it spends more time on task completion than in monitoring the work. The critical feature of this tool is it reduces the work into a subtask, list the order of the task based on the priority and assigns it to the team member and focus on the today list.


Sketching is an annotation. It would be challenging to communicate express what you want to convey if you do not face to face with a person. In that way, sketch helps in communicating through visually most efficiently. The annotation to be mentioned is the arrows, text, shapes, highlights, and stamps. The most exciting fact about is you can make a quick screenshot with Cmd+shift+6, send annotation via Cmd+shift+m or to export an image file with cmd+e.


The draft is collaboration tools for documents. The selection is the best tool for article writing which is then exported to markdown, DOCX, HTML or PDF. The choice is more like the Github for markdown. It enables the team to collaborate with the documents and merge changes made by the individual.


Dropbox is a file sharing tool. Dropbox is the most popularly known tool for file sharing and storage. But how it is useful for a remote team? The Dropbox allows the unit to store and share countless.


The above-mentioned tools are the first collaboration tools for remote designers and developers. If you are managing a virtual team, then these tools would make work much more comfortable than you think.


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