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How can Paidant help you to build a digital presence? Our highly talented and experienced remote professionals who are adept at the latest technologies assist you in amplifying your business. We support you in designing, developing, testing and digital marketing with zero setup cost. Our strong remote workers enable diverse and innovative ideas to scale up your productivity. Hire our remote workers based on your project and resource requirement.

Past Projects

  • paidant-project
    Online shopping site

    The online shopping e-commerce site can be reached for any online clothing shopping. This shopping site has a variety of branded clothing and accessories with user-friendly features. More advanced features being introduced for easy shopping and delivery, unlike the other shopping sites.

  • paidant-project
    Virtual Banking

    While an individual has to undergo a huge process to do the transaction, this virtual banking mobile app makes it all convenient for the users to transfer the money across the globe. With registering through virtual banking within two days of the time the bank account gets activated and gets enabled for all sort of banking purpose.

  • paidant-project
    Marketing Automation system

    This site is designed especially for the banks to monitor the credit score, transaction, and the card usage of the customer. This site will help the bank to identify the transaction frequency of each customer and get them a special offer based on their credit score.

  • paidant-project
    Homage monitoring app

    To monitor the people who have been accommodated in various homages this App can be efficiently used. This mobile app competently tracks the activity of the people in the homage through the mobile phone. Through this app, we can have a look at their health by sitting at our home.

  • paidant-project
    Insurance Management

    This site designed for managing all the insurance of a group of people or employees in a company. With this, an individual can claim their insurance easily and even the company can identify the eligibility of the individual to avail the insurance.

  • paidant-project
    Source control

    This site creates an ease for different individuals to work on the same project from a different place. Through this, we get all the latest update related to the project and can process the work further. This is one of the best ways to manage a project from anywhere.

  • paidant-project
    Jewelry management

    For any jewelry shop, management is one of the tedious factors. This site completely monitors all the activities and storage of a jewelry showroom. The total amount of jewelry getting delivered and sold by the showroom can be registered which also includes all the billing and exchanges of the showroom.

  • paidant-project
    Cab booking Site

    The cab booking site increases the comfort of the user for cab booking. Compare to the old method cab booking this improves the speed in booking and identify the nearby cab. Cab Fare and the offers also listed on the site which adds more advantage for the user.

  • paidant-project
    Construction estimation

    Instead of seeking an engineer’s help for a building estimation you can check in to this site. The capital investment, materials required, manpower, and the time period of the construction can be calculated through this site according to the requirement.

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